November 27th, 2008

HELL HIGH (1989) **

Four teenage miscreants decide to play a prank on their emotionally unstable biology teacher by dumping a bucket of swamp slime on her.  To cope with that incident she takes a bunch of Quaaludes and zonks out, but the mean teens aren’t done with her yet.  They then rape her while she’s in La-La Land (even the main bully’s slutty girlfriend gets in on some of that action) and when the teacher comes to, she’s so distraught that she jumps out the window.  The kids think she’s dead and while they argue incessantly about what to do next, the crazed teacher finally says enough is enough and begins butchering her tormentors one by one.


What separates Hell High from the glut of late 80’s slasher movies is that the object of the snotty teens’ pranks is a teacher and not a classmate.  Other than that though, it’s pretty much business as usual. 


Hell High really had a lot of potential but director Douglas Grossman screwed the pooch when he made the audience wait 70 minutes into the 79 minute movie for the antagonists to get their comeuppance.  When they finally do buy the farm though, it’s damn good times.  There’s a rock to the face, a No. 2 pencil to the skull, and a fire poker to the abdomen.  Unfortunately for the audience, we have to sit through a LOT of scenes where the asshole teens drive around town in their convertible while annoying 80’s rock songs play on the soundtrack before we get to the good stuff.


AKA:  Raging Fury.