December 7th, 2008

MOTHER’S DAY (1980) ** ½

My mom always gets mad at me for forgetting Mother’s Day, although to tell you the truth, I don’t take much of an effort to really remember it.  To me, the day is just an excuse for the Hallmark Corporation to sell some cards.  The same goes for the movie, Mother’s Day.  I’ll probably forget about it by the time next year rolls around as it was just an excuse for Troma Team to show off a little gore.


Three former college roommates reunite and go off into the woods for some camping and Girl Talk.  Little do they know that two thoroughly unhygienic hillbillies are lurking about who aim to rape and murder them while their demented mother watches approvingly. 


Mother’s Day was one of those movies that when I was a little kid, the video box scared me so shitless that I never even wanted to watch the damn movie.  Twenty some odd years later, the flick didn’t do a whole lot for me, but it was a decent enough murdering backwoods family horror movie.  While the middle section of the movie is too horridly paced for me to give it a good review (there were way too many scenes of the victims running around endlessly through the woods), Mother’s Day does has a dynamite final reel.  The gore was quite good as we got a decapitation, a knitting needle through the neck, an axe to the groin, a TV to the noggin, and an electric knife to the face.  As Horror Movies That Take Place on National Holidays go; you can certainly do a lot worse.