December 18th, 2008


Troma presented this hit-and-miss spoof of Ed Wood movies (Plan 9 From Outer Space in particular) about zombie aliens who come to Earth to rob our graves and eat our mannequins... err... corpses.  They also use toy guns... err... death rays to annihilate the living Earthlings.  The United States’ natural reaction is to drop an A-Bomb on them.


The first 15 minutes of Space Zombie Bingo!!! has a couple of really great gags and is consistently laugh-out-loud funny.  Unfortunately, it’s a one-joke movie and the joke is only funny the first time around.  The problem with the movie is that when you try to spoof something that was already funny to begin with, it rarely works.  Like The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Space Zombie Bingo’s charm wears off rather quickly as the same joke is beaten into the ground over and over again.  (We get it, 50’s sci-fi movies were bad!)


The aliens are fun though.  They kinda look like a cross between Ro-Man from Robot Monster and the aliens from Astro-Zombies as they wear welding masks, “UFO” head toppers, and scuba flippers.  The effects are pretty good too.  We get a decent forced perspective giant alien, a cool looking alien homeworld, and some funny flying saucers.  There’s also lots of stock footage and scenes of A-Bomb tests that would fit right in with an old sci-fi movie.


A lot of the jokes just don’t work and heavily rely on characters with funny names like “Herpes Simplex” and “Barbie Q.”.  The Criswell imitator, Crisco gets the biggest laughs and captures Criswell’s manner better than Jeffrey Jones did in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood movie.  Yeah the flick goes on for far too long and the jokes get stale rather quickly, but let’s face it folks, when’s the last time you saw lactating alien nipples in a movie?


Crisco gets the best line of the movie when he warns:  “Audience... leave this theater before your bowels empty into your pants!”