February 28th, 2009

GOOD GIRLS DON’T (1993) * ½

Rick Sloane, the man who gave the world Hobgoblins wrote, produced, edited and directed this low budget tripe.  It’s all about a stripper (Julia Parton) and a mousy secretary (Renee Estevez) who are wrongly accused of murder and go on the lam with a suitcase full of cash.  They are pursued by the cops, a jealous boyfriend (Christopher Knight from The Brady Bunch) and a bitchy crime boss (Mary Woronov) and set out to clear their names.


Good Girls Don’t has its moments (like the scene where Parton makes a catapult out of her D Cup brassiere), but I have to emphasize the word MOMENTS.  Most of said moments revolve around Parton taking off her top and showing off her amazing knockers.  Although Julia’s pretty hot in this and gets naked a few times, her performance isn’t quite in the same league as her role in Night Trips 2.


Most of Good Girls Don’t is alarmingly stupid and banal.  I fell asleep on it last night and it took a lot of effort for me to finish watching it this afternoon.  Then again, that’s what I get when I try to watch a movie starring Charlie Sheen’s sister and Dolly Parton’s porn star cousin.  Just like her more famous kinfolk, Julia sings two songs in this flick, the decent title song and a so-so blues number in a jail cell.


Some other Julia Parton flicks you might enjoy:  Big Tit Orgy 3, Heavenly Hooters, and Foot Bottom Festival.