March 30th, 2009

BOOBY TRAP (1970) **

A mentally deranged ex-military man (Carl Monson) buys some explosives and sets out to blow up a Woodstock style rock concert taking place in the middle of a desert.  Along the way, he blows up a hippie chick and sets out to kill his ex-wife's new boyfriend too.  Meanwhile, a smug detective romances the hippie's grieving sister and sets out to find the mad bomber.  It all ends with a mobsters vs. bomber vs. cops shootout finale in the desert.


Booby Trap, as the name implies, has quite a few boobies on display, enough at least to warrant Two Stars.  The problem is that there is way too much plot going on in between the boobies.  The main thrust (no pun intended) of the plot that involves the crazy dude trying to blow shit up is OK, but there are far too many unnecessary supporting characters that get in the way and bog the movie down. It almost seems like the movie is a little embarrassed to be a skin flick so it tries way too hard to pretend to be a "real" movie.  I'm sure all of the actors tried to tell themselves they were acting in a "real" movie, which is fine, but the movie is called BOOBY Trap for God's sakes!  Quit trying to "act" and show me some Booby already!


Another thing that annoyed me about this movie is that the previews for the flick (which are also on the DVD) show way more boobies than the movie itself.  There are full-on close-ups of vag, cock shots, and near hardcore fucking in the trailers, all of which isn't present in the actual film.  Talk about a rip-off.  Still, there are plenty of boobies for the buck in Booby Trap, so I can't complain too much.  Too bad nothing else in the flick is worth a damn.


Monson later went on to direct the immortal Please Don't Eat My Mother.


The gratuitous gay guy gets the best line of the movie when he says, "I'm not after your boyfriend's ass, I'm out to save my own!"


AKA:  Ten Seconds to Murder.  AKA:  Young and Wild.

THE TAKERS (1971) **

If you've seen the Alex Rocco biker movie, The Wild Riders then you've pretty much seen this flick too.  The plot is the same.  Two greasy bikers force their way into a suburban home and molest a couple of housewives and force them to drink, party, and (of course) have some stinky biker sex.  The fun stops though when hubby comes home early and grabs his shotgun.


I really wanted to like The Takers, but in the end, I just couldn't.  Although the premise seems ideally sleazy and scummy, the execution leaves a lot to be desired.  The bikers (who look like Jerry Reed and Colin Ferrell respectively) aren't very menacing and the housewives submit way too easily to their scuzzy needs.  Also, the sex scenes go on FOREVER and are staged rather clumsily to boot.  Honestly, if you're going to have a twenty-some minute sex scene, you might as well show it XXX style just to keep us from being bored.


Still, the flick is much better than The Wild Riders.  I particularly liked the ending when the husband shows up and gets his "revenge".  I'm not going to reveal what exactly happens, as it's one of the few truly worthwhile things about the picture; just know that it's pretty unexpected and even a bit "arty" too.  The husband was played by none other than Booby Trap star Carl Monson, who also made his directing debut with this flick and would go on to direct the inane John Carradine thriller, Blood Legacy the next year.


The Jerry Reed looking biker gets the best line of the flick when he says, "Okay you classy cunts, who wants to party?"