April 20th, 2009


The original Batman himself, Adam West stars as a lustful lawyer in this slow-moving drive-in drama from Howard Avedis, the director of the immortal Mortuary.  Adam gets set up by a crotchety old rival for making doe eyes at Ahna (Enter the Dragon) Capri.  You see, she’s a juror on the big case Adam’s working on so making out with her on the river bank From Here to Eternity style is strictly an ethical no-no.  Predictably, Adam learns that it was all a set-up and he aims to get some payback; legal or otherwise.


The Specialist (which shouldn’t be confused with the Sylvester Stallone movie of the same name) plays like a 70’s drive-in version of a John Grisham novel as there is lots of nudity and lawyering.   This sounds like a decent idea, but the problem is that there are way too many boring ass courtroom scenes and not enough scenes where Capri shows off her enormous knockers.  Although West puts in a suitably hammy performance (his emotional speech to the jury about “Sunrise Valley" is particularly amusing), his histrionics aren’t enough to salvage this turd.  It’s worse than The Pelican Brief, folks.