May 8th, 2009

STILL WAITING (2009) ** ½

John Michael (Best in Show) Higgins stars as the manager of Shenanigan’z restaurant who desperately tries to inspire his indifferent wait staff to have a record day so he can be promoted to district manager.  That’s kinda tough to do since Ta-Ta’s (a Hooter’s rip-off) takes all their clientele.  Meanwhile, the waiters have to put up with all the customers that DO come into the restaurant.  And yes, the customer is always an asshole.. 


Still Waiting proves that there are still people out there who know how to make a fairly decent straight-to-DVD sequel that’s in the same league as it’s predecessor.  To me, the original Waiting was OK, although it played out more like a documentary since I do in fact wait tables to make a living.  I mostly enjoyed Still Waiting, I think because I had low expectations going in.  There are a number of laugh-out-loud moments sprinkled in with the mediocre stuff and the cameos by some of the original players help a lot.  (Justin Long in particular is great.)  It was cool to see the always funny Higgins in a starring role for a change but it's Adam Carolla who gets the most laughs as the host of a DVD on how to pick up women.


Still Waiting is a little bit different from the first flick as it kinda eschews that film’s situational humor in favor of a straight-up plot.  I didn’t really mind that at all because throughout the first film I was basically just saying, “Oh I know that table!”, “If my customer did that to me I’d…”, and “Fucking asshole customers!” the whole time.  It was actually refreshing for me to sit back and enjoy the humor for a change instead of getting so riled up by the idiotic customers.


Rob McKittrick, who wrote and directed the original, produced and wrote this time out and his humor is pretty sharp for the most part.  Yeah, a large portion of the gags aren’t very funny, but when I did laugh, it was usually very hard.  My favorite scene came during a flashback where one of the waiter’s dad tells him that he should’ve been aborted.  “I told your mother we’re having this baby… TONIGHT!  It’s coat hanger o’ clock!”