June 6th, 2009

THE HANGOVER (2009) ***

Okay, so I wasn’t going to see this because the previews didn’t really look all that funny.  Since it’s been getting some good reviews and I had nothing else better to do on an overcast Saturday afternoon, I thought I’d go and check it out.  The reason I wound up liking The Hangover I think was due to the fact that I had zero expectations going in and that all of the “clean” jokes were mostly in the trailer.


Basically it’s Very Bad Things Meets Dude Where’s My Car.  Four guys (Bradley Cooper and three other dudes I’ve never heard of) go to Vegas for a bachelor party and What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas because they accidentally take some “roofies” and can’t remember what they did last night.  The groom-to-be also disappears, so the guys have to the search all over Sin City to find him and try to remember the shenanigans they got into.  Said shenanigans involve one of the guys marrying an escort (the still hot and showing off her rack Heather Graham), stealing Mike Tyson’s tiger, and illegally commandeering a police car.


The first half of the flick is frequently hilarious but the laughs start to dry up once you start to realize that no one could ever get into so much shit in such a small amount of time.  That’s OK because I think the ratio of funny-to-unfunny jokes was about 2 to 1, so it’s all good.  Like the main characters, I’ll probably forget everything that happened in the flick by tomorrow (it’s funny, just not particularly memorable).  Still good enough for a low-to-mid-range *** rating though.