June 8th, 2009


A bunch of bisexual bitches sit around on a sofa and have a lot of sex.  Then they plan a bank robbery before engaging in more fornication.  After successfully committing the robbery, they retreat home where they start up an orgy with a couple of strangers.  When one of the girls' boyfriends (who just so happens to work at the bank) threatens to go to the cops, they hogtie him, scald his feet with a red hot screwdriver and then stick his fingers in a toaster!


The Girl from Pussycat is a veritable carnal rollercoaster.  The gals have sex with their boyfriends (or each other) like every five minutes or so, so the flick definitely isn’t boring.  Even though the girls aren’t really lookers or anything, they certainly aren’t ashamed to crassly show off their bodies so I couldn’t really complain too much.


I can’t say it’s a “good” movie though.  For all of the scads of nudity found in The Girl from Pussycat, none of it is particularly titillating.  Most of the sex scenes are flatly staged and seemingly go on forever.  On top of that, none of the actresses really possessed that va-va-voom needed to make Little Mitchie happy.  So overall, it’s a pretty mixed bag. 


While I was watching this flick my wife said, “Why the Hell do you watch these Something Weird Double Features?  You know they’re never any damn good.”  I’m starting to agree with her.  This flick wasn’t too bad but the other movie on the disc; Kitten in a Cage was the pits.  So henceforth, I’m putting a momentary moratorium on all Something Weird movies.  If you see me attempting to put a Something Weird disc in my DVD player (except if it’s a certified classic like Basket Case, Blood Feast, or Johnny Firecloud or something like that), by all means report me to the proper authorities.