June 23rd, 2009

BLACK MAGIC 2 (1976) *** ½

The original Black Magic was an uneven mishmash of Kung Fu, sorcery, and occasional grossout moments.  This (more or less) unrelated sequel ups the ante in the WTF area and the result is one heck of a good time.  If you think you’ve seen it all, you should probably give this flick a whirl.  


The plot of BM 2 is basically the same as the first one.  A guy goes to a black magic sorcerer and pays him to cast a spell on a chick so she’ll fall in love with him.  That’s just the bare bones synopsis though.  There’s also a crocodile attack, people with snake-filled sores, magic potions made from freshly shorn pubic hair, a grown man drinking breast milk straight from the source, the C-section birth of a monster baby, a chick who rapidly ages while she’s being fucked, fingernail ripping, face melting, Black Magic Power Battles, self-inflicted eyeball gouging, eyeball eating, someone getting hit over the head with ripe roadkill, cigar store Indians coming to life, Kung Fu zombies; and lots of nails being driven into people’s heads, cheeks, and palms.  The cast is also full of a bunch of women who show their tits at the drop of a hat, something which I fully appreciated.


Black Magic 2 isn’t perfect however.  Things get a little bit sluggish around the halfway point when the evil sorcerer forces the hero scientists into a black magic-fueled love triangle.  But stick with it because the last half hour or so is almost as nutty as the first.  Although I could’ve done without the over-plotted middle portion of the film, Black Magic 2 made my jaw drop numerous times throughout it’s 90 minute running time; a hearty recommendation to be sure.


In short, Black Magic 2 is the Wrath of Khan of bat shit insane Chinese Horror Sequels.


AKA:  Revenge of the Zombies.  AKA:  Bewitch Tame Head.