August 28th, 2009

HI, MOM! (1970) NO STARS

Robert DeNiro stars in this atrocious sequel to Greetings.  This time his peeping tom character sets out to make a voyeuristic porno with himself as the star.  It doesn’t work out so he then joins a black militant theater troupe who perform a play called “Be Black Baby” where they take the white audience members to the ghetto, put them in blackface, make them eat collard greens, rape them, then have them beaten by the police.  After the theater company gets gunned down while trying to infiltrate a middle class apartment building, DeNiro retaliates by blowing up the place.  He then goes on television where he says the title of the movie.


You know, I have a high tolerance for politically incorrect stuff.  I mean it takes a lot to offend me.  Hi Mom definitely succeeded in offending me.  The “Be Black Baby” segments of the film contained some of the most tasteless things I’ve ever seen in a motion picture.  It had the potential to be funny but director Brian DePalma films the scene completely straight.  There’s no “satire” at work here, just a bunch of ugliness.  And the way he filmed the scene got on my damn nerves.  It’s all shot in black and white in one continuous handheld take, which makes everything look like the Blair Witch Project. 


This scene is one big train wreck but I guess it may have been forgivable if the rest of the flick had been funny.  It isn’t.  On top of that, the movie is about as boring as watching dog piss dry on concrete.  I fell asleep THREE times while trying to slog through this mess.  Hi Mom is definitely one of the worst hemorrhoids on celluloid I’ve ever sat through.


I thought Brian DePalma was a good director.  I mean this is the guy who made Sisters, Carrie, and Scarface we’re talking about here.  I guess Hi Mom is just further proof that the man can’t direct comedy to save his life.  (For further proof watch Bonfire of the Vanities.)


AKA:  Blue Manhattan.  AKA:  Confessions of a Peeping John.  AKA:  Son of Greetings.