September 4th, 2009


I got this movie off of Netflix ostensibly because it’s about a giant mutant killer sheep.  Sounded promising enough.  Too bad most of this boring ass movie revolves around a corrupt mayor.


Anyway, this mayor guy goes around rolling drunks and using their money for the betterment of his community.  He also hassles a black dude and accuses him of murdering the sheriff’s dog!  When the persecuted person of the African persuasion escapes during a near-lynching, he takes solace in the lab of a hermit scientist who is housing a huge-ass mutated sheep.  The enormous ewe escapes and inadvertently causes the death of one of the potential lynchers.  This gets the mayor all in a tizzy so he has the beast herded up and stuffed in a cage where it is put on display for the angry townsfolk.  In the end, there’s a big riot and the monster inexplicably blows up for no good reason whatsoever.


Why the filmmakers spent so much time on the damn mayor subplot I’ll never know.  I mean the giant killer mutant sheep premise seemed like a solid enough idea to warrant a full-length movie.  What’s the point of coming up with a cool ass idea and ruining it by padding the flick with tons of stupid racist mayor shit?  And why on Earth would you make a movie about a bipedal monster sheep and then have the cajones to only let it ACCIDENTALLY kill ONE person?  If that had been me behind the camera I would’ve sent that sucker on an all-out rampage.  The only scene worth a toss in this 90 minute shit storm is when a bunch of cowboys lasso the monster Valley of Gwangi style.


Co-stars Stuart Lancaster and Erica Gavin were also in a bunch of Russ Meyer movies.  Russ would’ve taken the idea of giant mutant killer sheep and ran with it.  He probably woulda put a whole lot of titties in there too. 


A stripper on her way to her latest gig gets kidnapped by some bozos at the airport.  They take her out to the desert where she escapes in her underwear.  While eluding capture, the stripper often finds time to bathe naked in a stream and daydream about taking her clothes off.  Meanwhile, the owner of the strip club is worried because she hasn’t showed up, so he puts a lot of dancing girls in her place (one of which dresses like an Indian).  Just when the kidnapper looks like he’s catching up to the ditzy dancer, an escaped sideshow geek jumps in and kills him.  The lecherous freak then pursues the chick to an amusement park where she hides in the Wild Mouse rollercoaster.  The geek chases after the gal but comes to an untimely end when he gets ran over by the Wild Mouse car.


Passion in the Sun is a mostly dull nudie flick made up of boring striptease routines.  The “plot” stuff is nothing but stupid chase scenes that are accompanied by some of the worst incidental music I’ve ever heard.  The reason I sorta dug it was because the final Wild Mouse chase is awesome.  When I was growing up, there was a Wild Mouse ride at our local amusement park that sat dormant for what seemed liked forever.  Supposedly that was because someone died on it.  Just the thought that somebody could die on something that was intended to be fun kinda fucked me up as a kid and turned me off rollercoasters for a long time.  Seeing the old Wild Mouse ride (and more importantly the ominous looking mascot) in its heyday sparked a bunch of childhood nostalgia for me that no doubt added an extra ½ * or two to my review.  (Seeing someone getting killed on said coaster was pretty cool too.)  If of course you don’t share me enthusiasm for ancient amusements of a bygone era and are watching this thing for its intended arousal purposes, you’re going to be severely disappointed.


AKA:  Passion of the Sun.  AKA:  The Girl and the Geek.