September 15th, 2009

CROSSBAR (1979) **

A high bar jumping Olympiad has his dreams crushed when he loses his leg in a combine accident.  Pissy and bitter, he spends his days working on his dad’s farm while keeping to himself.  Hottie Kim Cattrall still believes he’s got what it takes to compete and she encourages him to train despite his handicap.  Because he can only hop to the high bar, he is unable to get an adequate takeoff.  Thanks to a loophole in the rulebook that allows a head first dive over the bar if the runner jumps using one leg (which is all he has), he just may be able to make the Olympic team.  That is if the narrow-minded Olympic committee will let a one-legged high bar jumper compete.


Crossbar is a corny and overly schmaltzy made for TV drama that benefits from a couple of earnest performances.  Easily the standout was Kim Cattrall.  She looks all kinds of hot in her see-thru T-shirt and shorter than short running shorts.  Acting wise, she did OK too.  I liked John (Gunslinger) Ireland’s subdued work as the athlete’s dad as well.


It’s nothing more than a second rate After School Special knockoff but since I’m a sucker for this sort of thing, it went down easy enough.  Although the film is chockfull of the standard sports movie/handicapped person defying all the odds clichés, it’s competently made and moves along at a decent pace.  Oh and did I mention Kim Cattrall in a see-thru T-shirt and shorter than short running shorts?