December 19th, 2010


Porn star Randy Spears stars as a detective hired by an artist to catch her husband cheating.  Instead of doing his job, he winds up bo… Ah, what the Hell?  Do you even need a plot synopsis for a movie called Slutty, Busty and Bad?  Didn’t think so.


There are only two real ways to review Slutty, Busty and Bad.  The first method is to grade the flick on the sex scenes.  In that respect, there are ten scenes during the 60 minute running time.  That works out to be about a scene every six minutes, which isn’t bad for a Skinamax movie.  Of the ten sex scenes, eight are guy on girl and two are girl performing solo.  That’s right; there are no lesbian scenes, so I have to take points off for that.  All of the scenes vary in length, steaminess, and quality, which is to say that you should expect to get a couple of chubs out of it, but no real boners.  Then again, the flick is only 60 minutes, so it’s got that going for it.  So, ** ½ for that.


The other way to grade the film is on how well the flick lives up to it’s title.  Well, there are only three girls in the cast.  All three of them are Slutty and Bad, but tragically, only one of them is really Busty.  The other two babes are A and B cups respectively.  So if we’re judging the film solely on how well it lives up to the title, it gets about a ** ½.


Then again, the flick does have it’s share of unintentional humor.  I liked how the one chick was an “author” but didn’t know how to fucking spell.  In one scene she writes about having a “stalker” but spells it “stocker”.  Then again she could’ve been talking about a killer grocery boy, so I’m not sure. 


Anyway, Slutty, Busty and Bad is a decent Skinamax flick.  It’s not especially memorable or titillating but it isn’t boring and has lots of tits.  I’m calling it a solid ** ½ flick.  Your mileage may vary of course.