November 16th, 2012


A religious fanatic serial killer is going around killing women. Detective Sam Dietz (Leo Rossi, yet again) investigates and gets the hots for one of the victim’s hot psychiatrist. And since she’s played by Famke Janssen, I can’t say I blame him. As it turns out, the shrink has a connection to the killer that may wind up being the death of detective Dietz.

The serial killer gets less screen time than any other killer in a Relentless film, which means even more screen time is spent on Rossi’s personal life bullshit. This time the filmmakers just swap out scenes of Rossi arguing with his ex for scenes of him arguing with his bratty teenage son. We also get a lot of dull scenes of Rossi bickering with his female partner and trying to get into Famke’s pants.

I guess this is just as well because the serial killer doesn’t have much personality. And his method of killing could use some work too (at one point he commits assault with a Campbell’s soup can). I never thought I’d miss Judd Nelson so much.

Directed by Oley (The Fantastic Four) Sassone, Relentless 4: Ashes to Ashes is yet another routine entry in the ho-hum series. I guess I could’ve taken all the serial killer shenanigans, but this flick features a lot of malarkey revolving around near death experiences that pretty much sinks the whole enterprise. Still, Rossi delivers another thankless performance and Famke looks hot (even though her wardrobe is totally unflattering). Neither of them can save the flick though.

Final Verdict: Relentless 4 is Relentlessly mediocre.