January 4th, 2014

EVILSPEAK (1982) **

Clint Howard is an orphaned loser who attends a prestigious military school. Most of the kids hate his guts and they spend most of their days bullying him. Clint gets a job cleaning up an old church and one day, he finds a book of black magic in the basement. He uses his computer to translate the book’s passages and before you know it; his computer is possessed by the spirit of an evil Satanist (Richard Moll). Pretty soon, the spirit takes over Clint’s body and gives him to power to get back at all the assholes that tormented him.

I liked the location of this movie. The military school setting definitely gave the flick an Omen 2 kind of vibe. And Clint Howard is pretty good as the goofball loser who embraces the dark side to get revenge. The gore is pretty good too as there are several decapitations, a head twisted all the way around, and a hilarious scene where a chick gets eaten by pigs in her bathtub.

But while Evilspeak is fun in fits and starts, the film never quite comes alive. The flick is essentially just another Carrie rip-off, except you know; it has the novelty of starring Clint Howard instead of Sissy Spacek. It’s a bit sillier than most, and suffers from a really slow start, which doesn’t help. Plus, the stuff with the demonic computer is just too goofy for words. It all ends with Clint flying around decapitating the kids who tormented him with a sword borrowed from the set of Conan the Barbarian. Sure, it sounds great, but the film had gone completely off the rails by that point, so it's kinda hard to really rally behind it.