May 31st, 2014


Charles Band’s Grindhouse Flix company has been releasing some mighty fine trailer compilations as of late. Babes Behind Bars, their ode to Women in Prison movies, is no exception. While it’s not perfect, it’s hard to imagine any Women in Prison fan (or trailer compilation fan) walking away disappointed from this one.

The Women in Prison genre is a vast one, but Babes Behind Bars does a good job of covering all the angles. Just about every classic Women in Prison movie is represented here. (The notable exception: Chained Heat.) There are trailers for many films from Roger Corman (The Big Doll House, The Big Bird Cage, and Caged Heat) and Jess Franco (Barbed Wire Dolls, 99 Women, and Wanda the Wicked Warden). We also get trailers for some older flicks (like Reform School Girl and the Olga movies), a handful of Asian films (Rica 3: Juvenile Lullaby, Jailhouse Eros, and Criminal Woman: Killing Melody), and some more obscure titles (like Vendetta). I’ve seen many of the trailers before on other compilations, but it’s still nice to have them all in one convenient collection.

The film is hosted by Mindy Robinson, who appears on a cheap jail set and makes lame jokes. These segments don’t enhance the overall experience, but they don’t take away from it either. And besides, when you’ve got great trailers for films like Fugitive Girls, Prison Girls, Sweet Sugar, Terminal Island, and The Hot Box, you pretty much can’t go wrong.