August 13th, 2014


A stuffy British scientist (Bryant Haliday from Devil Doll) is working on a way to break matter up, reintegrate it, and project it across the room (kind of like “Wonka-Vision”). Naturally, he can easily project inanimate objects like wristwatches and shit, but things get messy whenever he performs his experiments on living beings. With the help of two lovey-dovey co-workers, he gets all the kinks out and tries to project himself to prove to his disbelieving superiors that his experiment is a success.

I’m sure you can guess what happens next, especially if you’ve seen The 4-D Man or The Fly.

I only bring those films up because if you’ve seen them, there really isn’t any reason to see this. Whereas those flicks were genuinely entertaining (not to mention fun), The Projected Man just sort of lays there. The scenes of Halliday working in his lab are particularly dull, and the courtship between his two boring co-workers was rather tedious.

The big problem is that Haliday never quite goes over the top enough to sell the compulsiveness and arrogance of his character. He really should’ve kicked it up a notch and went full-tilt mad scientist. At the very least, he would’ve left some sort of impression on the audience.

Once Haliday transforms into the scarred mutant with the electric touch of death, he doesn’t improve much though. He basically just sulks around the back alleys of London before slowly removing his gloves and laying a crispy hand on his victims. Director Ian Curteis does an OK job at staging the attack scenes, although he doesn’t deliver anything memorable.

Despite its many flaws, the film remains watchable. Even though the character of The Projected Man is pretty weak and derivative, I still liked the make-up effects. The sexy secretary (who spends one long scene in her underwear) was easy on the eyes too, so that helped a bunch.


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