October 8th, 2014


(Sorry guys and ghouls! I missed another day of Horror-Ween, so I’m in catch-up mode yet again…)

A young couple stops off to a deserted gas station and is kidnapped by a surly carjacker. He takes them to a nearby house where he ties them up, whips, and humiliates them while capturing it all on videotape. Eventually, the chick escapes and runs off to get help at a nearby cabin. Unfortunately for her, the nutzo religious family that lives there are even crazier, and they take her captive. She soon realizes that the carjacker is also a prisoner in the home and they have to learn to work together if they want to survive.

There is a pretty good plot twist that I won’t spoil that occurs about halfway through the movie that almost makes Behind Your Eyes worth watching. The rest of the film is pretty mediocre, but at least that one scene has a kick to it. The amateurish performances don’t help and neither does the workmanlike direction. The scenes with the kidnapper aren’t very tense and there isn’t enough conviction in either the script or the actors to push things far enough to make it genuinely disturbing.

The only star power comes from Arthur Roberts, who plays the patriarch of the loony family. You might remember him from Jim Wynorski’s Not of This Earth remake. He brings a minimal amount of gravitas to the proceedings, but the supporting cast really needed to be stronger for the flick to really work.

Tomorrow’s Bargain Bin Horror Movie: The Wind.

THE WIND (2001) * ½

After a long, puzzling voiceover prologue about the evil of “the wind”, the plot begins. A hot chick tells her guy friends that her boyfriend Bob went psycho on her. They then beat him to death in the woods and she shows her appreciation by Frenching one of the dudes for a couple of minutes. The group tries to keep their cool, but once one of them threatens to go to the cops, they slowly unravel.

After the awful prologue (that really has no bearing on anything), the film settles down and becomes a weird morality play. It also doesn't help that every few minutes or so the guys get into a shouting match while the slutty chick manipulates them. It would be okay if the slutty chick ever got naked, but she doesn’t. She doesn’t even get naked during the threeway campfire scene. What a waste.

The actors all do what they can, but since none of them are given sympathetic characters to play, it’s hard to give a shit about them. The cinematography and camerawork are pretty amateurish (the best shot was blatantly stolen from Huey Lewis’ “I Want a New Drug” video), and the film often looks like a cheap CW TV show from the ‘90s.

Mostly though, The Wind is just dull. Long scenes of the guys playing Resident Evil 2 help to pad out the already monotonous dialogue scenes. The problem is that there is more drama in the video game than there is in the movie. The slow motion stick fight climax is a total joke too.

Tomorrow’s Bargain Bin Horror Movie: Adrift.