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This was Ed Wood’s last “legitimate” movie before descending into porn. It’s ironic because Johnny Ryde (Carl Anthony), the director in the film is in the same pickle. He used to make real movies, but now must make porn for the Mob. Two cops (Keene Duncan and Duke Moore) are on the case trying to bring down “the smut picture racket” (Suggested drinking game: take a shot every time someone says “smut picture racket”.) ran by a sleazy woman named Gloria Henderson (Jean Fontaine). According to the cops, the “smut picture racket” is worse than “dope peddling”! (You see porn causes men to mutilate women in the park. I bet Masters and Johnson didn’t know that.) It’s far from Wood’s worst (best?) but it’s still entertaining. Wood regular Harvey B. Dunn (who only had nine fingers) co-stars as a concerned citizen. The scene in which Wood fights Conrad Brooks was from an abandoned project from 1956 called Rock and Roll Hell.

AKA: Hellborn. AKA: The Young and the Immoral. AKA: Rock and Roll Hell.
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