January 4th, 2017

MONDO SLEAZO (2010) ****

As you all know, I have a soft spot in my heart for trailer compilations. In my humble opinion, the sleazier they are; the better. If we follow that criterion, Mondo Sleazo is one of the best ones out there. It perfectly bridges the gap between the old school thrills of the Sleazemania movies and the drive-in sensibilities of the 42nd Street Forever series and crams in a lot of sleazy entertainment into a two hour running time.

What I like about this collection is that it gives you a broad spectrum of sleaze. There is smut from the ‘30s, including drug scare films (Marihuana, Reefer Madness, and The Cocaine Fiends) and adults only exploitation pictures (Child Bride and Forbidden Adventure). We also get juvenile delinquent (High School Hellcats and Reform School Girls) and monster movies (The Giant Claw, Bride of the Gorilla, Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla, and The Brain Eaters) from the ‘50s. The ‘60s are represented mostly by nudies (The Naked Venus, Nude on the Moon, and Mundo Depravados) and there are a lot of softcore sex flicks (Can I Do It… ‘Til I Need Glasses?, Sugar Cookies, and Fantasm) and horror movies (Caged Virgins AKA: Requiem for a Vampire, The Sinful Dwarf, The Werewolf vs. the Vampire Women, and Werewolves on Wheels) from the ‘70s.

Mondo Sleazo is quite comprehensive as it contains trailers for such classics as Two Thousand Maniacs, Switchblade Sisters, They Call Her One Eye, The Big Doll House, Disco Godfather, Women in Revolt, Bloodsucking Freaks, Glen or Glenda, and Let My Puppets Come (the world’s first puppet porno). Exploitation fan favorites such as Al Adamson (Girls for Rent AKA: I Spit on Your Corpse, Satan’s Sadists, and Blazing Stewardesses) and Doris Wishman (Another Day Another Man and Deadly Weapons) are featured prominently too. As a bonus, the DVD also has a few Eurosex trailers, including Cool It Carol, Miranda, One Swedish Summer, Salon Kitty, Sister Emanuelle, and The 3 Dimensions of Greta as a special feature.

The three longest trailers are the best ones. The trailer for Dwain Esper’s immortal Maniac is a sight to behold. The lengthy trailer for The Smut Peddler is always welcome in any compilation as its one of the most memorable trailers of that era. Unlike those two trailers, I had never seen the preview for Invitation to Ruin prior to this compilation. It made my jaw drop multiple times, which means I’ve got to put that flick on my “Must Watch” list right away.

Which leads me to the reason why everyone should run out and pick this sucker up: There are trailers here that you just won’t find anywhere else. There are trailers here for movies that I had not seen before, but never even heard of. The trailer for Street Girls is amazing (the repeated sound effect of a cash register ringing every time the hooker gets paid is hilarious) and Hot Girls for Men Only, Garden of Eden, A Taste of Flesh, Strange Rampage, The Tower of Screaming Virgins, The Reluctant Sadist, The Sex O’Clock News, The Street is My Beat, The Shameless Sex, Guess Who’s Coming?, The Sexperts and The Love-Thrill Murders look as though they’re all packed to the gills with sleazy goodness.

Another reason why Mondo Sleazo gets such high marks is that it includes a trailer that is mostly just a guy sitting at a desk explaining a movie’s gimmick. In this case, it’s A Date with Death, which uses subliminal messages as its gimmick. Another sign you’re dealing with greatness is that it contains a random foreign language trailer in which you have no idea what’s going on. Of course, we’re talking about The Flying Killer, which looks to be a Kung Fu movie starring a female version of Tarzan. It looks incredible.

The best thing I can say about Mondo Sleazo is that I immediately want to run out and watch nearly all of the movies I’ve never heard of before. Now I’m sure the trailers give away the best parts (naturally), but some of them are destined to be stone cold classics. If you love movie trailer compilations as much as I do, you definitely want to check it out.