February 27th, 2017


A man in black pajamas goes around the countryside "correcting" people's Kung Fu. (That is to say he kicks their ass.) When he beats up an old Kung Fu master, his three students vow revenge. They go their separate ways and each find new masters to teach them the skills necessary to defeat the man in black.

Five Superfighters ain’t great, but I’ll say this for it: Hardly five minutes goes by in which a Kung Fu fight doesn't break out. While the fights themselves aren't exactly mind-blowing or anything, they occur with such regularity that it's easy to forgive the sequences that are marred by unfunny comic relief or clumsy staging.

The first act in particular is full of fights. The second act adds several training sequences into the mix while still not skimping on the Kung Fu. The finale is action-packed, but by the time it finally rolls around, you might feel a bit numb from it all.

All of this certainly isn’t boring. While the film is action-packed, the action itself isn’t quite an exemplary representative of the genre. Still, it’s hard to hate a movie that has more fighting than talking. That in itself is worthy of praise. I just wish the fights themselves were real showstoppers instead of placeholders. Since The Video Vacuum motto has always been “quantity over quality”, I can’t give this any less than ***.