March 19th, 2017


A cult leader kills some people and goes to jail for his crimes. He gets out fifteen years later and it doesn’t take long before he kills again. It's then up to a former cult member and his girlfriend to stop him and his bloodthirsty minions.

Igor and the Lunatics is a low budget Troma movie that feels unfinished. Whatever was finished feels halfheartedly slapped together too. It's barely eighty minutes long, but it’s still packed with long scenes of people walking around, dumb dream sequences, and one of the murders is repeated twice. Admittedly, the murder scene that is shown twice is a pretty good one, so I'll let that slide.

Of course I’m talking about the scene where the cult leader puts a woman on a sawmill and slices her in half LENGTHWISE. Other kills include heart ripping, a machete to the stomach, an arrow to the head, and a pitchfork to the stomach. Neither of them pack the impact of that sawmill scene, hence why they’re only shown one time.

Look, this is a Troma movie, so you should pretty much already know what to expect. The gore is decent, the acting is terrible (especially by the main lunatic), the production values are slim, and there's a smattering of nude females on display. As far as these things go, it’s a middle-of-the-road effort, but one that will offer up a modicum of fun for the indiscriminating Troma fan.