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The late great Gator Bait herself, Claudia Jennings stars in this low key but effective shocker. During the surprising opening, a Russian roulette style sorority initiation goes wrong and one of the girls gets her brains blown out. Seven years later the sorority chicks receive invitations to a mysterious reunion in an isolated house where the girl’s crazed father played by Arthur (Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man) Franz is lurking about. He traps them, along with two horny chauffeurs in the house (there’s an electrified fence around the perimeter) and won’t let them go until they confess to her murder. In the meantime the girls get killed by strangulation, stabbed with scissors, etc. until the surprising finale which is filled with some head spinning twists and turns. Filmed in 1972, it sat on the shelf for awhile (Which explains the hippie character. “Your scene is not a true one!”) but at least it got the jump on several like minded horror flicks that basically re-used the same premise in the early 80’s. Two years after the movie was released Jennings would die in an automobile accident.
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