The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

THE 6TH DAY (2000) *** ½

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to Total Recall-ish territory in this great, surprising and fun kick ass film. Arnold is cloned for mysterious reasons by Tony Goldwyn and since cloning is illegal, the “evidence” must be destroyed. “You cloned the wrong man!” Michael Rooker heads up an all cloned team of assassins sent to kill Arnold. In one of the film’s surprising twists, whenever a member of his team is killed, they just re-clone them! Robert Duvall plays the caring cloning doctor (who has a cloned wife) who has a change of heart and tries to help Arnold. Arnold even has a few scenes with his clone, and its fun watching them try to out act each other. What could have been a poor mishmash of Total Recall and Double Impact, is actually a fun entry in Arnold’s career of great kick ass entertainment. I would put it below Eraser, but above End of Days. With some cool/funny looks into the future (Those Virtual Dolls are freaky!), and some truly priceless dialogue. “Why don’t they make a clone of you so you can go fuck yourself!”
Tags: action, arnold, s
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