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Here’s a fun cannibal movie from director Sergio (Torso) Martino where big name stars are asked to do and say ridiculous things. Ursula (Dr. No) Andress hires Stacy (Mike Hammer) Keach to guide her through the jungle to find her lost husband. There they encounter some pretty vile Wild Kingdom style stock footage and of course, cannibals. If you like Andress in Dr. No, check her out in this. She’s naked so much; she should have changed her name to Ursula Undress. This movie is a veritable smorgasbord of exploitation. Martino gives us an iguana eating man, a monkey eating snake, and a man eating crocodile, as well as some heart munching, castration, and gut ripping. Not to mention plenty of Ursula’s painted up naked body. Keach gets to deliver the movie’s most hilarious line: “You don’t forget the taste of human flesh!” while crying like a little girl with a skinned knee. It may not be the first, last, worst or best cannibal movie out there, but it’s definitely worth a look. Beware of the cut R rated version that runs fifteen minutes shorter and features absolutely zero scenes of Ursula nekkid.

AKA: Mountain of the Cannibal God. AKA: Prisoner of the Cannibal God.
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