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The original Sleepaway Camp was the scariest slasher in a summer camp movie ever made. It had a lot of creative kills and one of the greatest twist endings in cinema history. This direct-to-video sequel (made back to back with Part 3), has some cool deaths, some goofy humor, and a healthy dose of T & A. While it's nowhere near as good as the original, it's still pretty entertaining. Five years later, the gender confused killer from the first film, Angela has gotten a sex change and become a girl (Pamela Springsteen, The Boss's sister) who is a counselor at a summer camp. She kills anyone who smokes, screws, or basically doesn't have camp spirit. Some deaths are pretty bloodless but there's a cool decapitation, a nifty power drill kill, and death by battery acid. The best killing is when Angela drowns a slut in a leech filled latrine. The inside jokes are pretty funny (characters dress up like Freddy, Jason and Leatherface) and all the characters are named after Brat Packers. Unfortunately, even at 79 minutes, the film feels padded and the climax is filled with dream scenes of stuff we've already seen and plus there's also an unsatisfying ending. Rene (Heathers) Estevez, Emilio's sister stars as the goodie two shoes girl and Walter Gotell, from many James Bond movies plays the owner of the camp.
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