The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

SNOWBEAST (1977) *

This is an awful made for TV killer Yeti movie from Joseph Stefano, the writer of Psycho (!). Sylvia (Beetlejuice) Sidney stars as the owner of a ski resort, whose annual winter carnival is in danger of being closed down when Bigfoot starts chowing down on skiers. That’s right, it’s another Jaws rip-off, but instead of sandy beaches and a great white shark we get snowy mountains and an overgrown abominable snowman. There are lots of POV Yeti shots but only brief shots of the actual monster (unless you count the shots of the monster’s claws). All the kills happen offscreen, but there are a few choice fade to red freeze frames though. Even for a made for TV movie from the 70’s it’s still pretty bad. Bo (Walking Tall 2 and 3) Svenson, Clint (Killdozer) Howard and Yvette (The Black Hole) Mimieux also star.
Tags: s, sci-fi
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