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SPEED DEMON (2003) **

What happened to David DeCoteau? In the 80’s he was the king of getting chicks naked and having them chased around by killers and slimy hell beasts. Remember Nightmare Sisters? Nowadays, he’s busy making homoerotic horror movies like this one. This flick has more than its share of guys wearing no shirts and even a scene where a bunch of guys stand around in their underwear, pray to a Chevy engine and oil up a dude with blood. Did I miss a memo? Did he switch teams on us or something? I mean not one girl takes her top off in this movie, but there’s at least a half dozen perpetually shirtless dudes in this movie.

Anyway, the plot concerns Jesse (Colin Stark) a college student who returns home and finds his little brother has been hanging around a gang of no good drag racers. After he challenges the leader Otto (Mark Ian Miller) to a race he ends up on the business end of a tractor and dies. Jesse finds his father’s “Speed Demon”, a magical amulet that gives him supernatural racing skills. Soon enough he starts dressing like Charlie Sheen in The Wraith and begins murdering the thugs responsible for his brother’s death.

The scenes where Jesse hunts down and runs over the gang members have a certain kick to them, but everything else, from the acting, to the effects to the idiotic ending are stuck in first gear. DeCoteau also made the equally homoerotic Leeches the same year.
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