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STARCRASH (1979) **

This was one of the first rip offs to be released in the wake of Star Wars’ success. Caroline Munro stars as the sexy Stella Star, a smuggler who along with her psychic sidekick (Marjoe Gortner) and her robot friend (played by Munro’s real life husband Judd Hamilton and voiced by Hamilton Camp) are ordered by the Emperor (Christopher Plummer) to save his son (a pre-Knight Rider David Hasselhoff) from the clutches of the evil Count Zartharn (Joe Spinell).

For awhile, it’s colorful campy fun, but the nonsensical ending sinks it. The special effects are decidedly mixed, but there’s some pretty cool stop motion animation. Munro is sexy as always and her outfits would make Barbarella blush, but her shapely figure can’t save this mess.

You can say that this is just another Star Wars rip off (the lightsaber scene is particularly groan inducing), but three of it’s scenes bear curious resemblance to both of the Star Wars sequels, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, which were both released AFTER Starcrash. The planet Hoth in Empire looks suspiciously like the ice planet in this film. The scene where Munro is thawed out is pretty nearly duplicated in Jedi when Han Solo is brought out of carbon freeze, and the part when Munro is strung up by a bunch of primitives is a lot like the treatment the rebels got from the Ewoks. Hmm I wonder if George Lucas was taking notes…

Gortner later starred in the classic Mausoleum. Munro and Spinell (whose voices are dubbed) went on to do Maniac the next year. Directed by Italian exploitation expert Luigi (Hercules) Cozzi.

AKA: Female Space Invaders.
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