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BATMAN BEGINS (2005) ****

After two ridiculously campy (but fun) Joel Schumacher sequels, Memento director Christopher Nolan takes things back to basics and shows us how Bruce Wayne (American Psycho’s Christian Bale) becomes Batman.  Though it’s an origin story, it owes more to Jeph Loeb’s The Long Halloween and Dark Victory than to Frank Miller’s Year One comics.  

After Bruce sees his parents murdered, he devotes his life to fighting crime.  He’s trained in the ninja arts by the mysterious Henri Ducard (Liam Neeson) and the evil Ra’s Al Ghul (Ken Wantanabe).  After refusing to kill in cold blood, Bruce leaves them behind and returns home to Gotham City.  With the help of his trusty butler Alfred (Michael Caine) and the Q-like Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) he creates an arsenal of weapons (including a bad ass Batmoblie), but more importantly, the Batman persona.  

Bale is really good at making Batman one scary bastard (I ain’t gonna commit no crimes in Gotham I’ll tell you that much) with his vicious lightning quick attacks and his scary ass voice.  Equally as scary is Cillian Murphy as the villain, Scarecrow.  (Hell he’s just as creepy when he doesn’t wear his mask!)  He uses his “fear gas” to scare the shit out of the crime bosses of Gotham to take over the city.  The best part of the damn movie is when Batman turns the tables on Scarecrow and gives him a whiff of his own medicine.  Gary Oldman is excellent as Detective Gordon, as is Rutger Hauer as Mr. Earle, but Katie Holmes is just okay as the love interest.  Co-written by David S. (Blade: Trinity) Goyer.  Let’s hope the sequels are as equally good and as nipple on the Batsuit free as this one.

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