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STAR TREK: NEMESIS (2002) *** ½

It’s a minority opinion, but I think that Nemesis is the best Next Generation movie and the best Star Trek movie since The Wrath of Khan. It borrows a lot from that film (the captain goes mano y mano with a villain connected to his past, the death and possible resurrection of a main character) and features more action than in any other Trek movie. You can probably chalk that up to the hiring of seasoned Hollywood action professionals like director Stuart (U.S. Marshals) Baird and screenwriter John (Gladiator) Logan.

Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Troi’s (Marina Sirtis) honeymoon is put on hold when The Enterprise gets an emergency distress signal. Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart), Worf (Michael Dorn) and Data (Brent Spiner) go down to the planet to investigate and find spare parts of an android almost identical to Data. Some of the locals attack them and a souped up Dune Buggy chase through the desert ensues.

Once back aboard The Enterprise, Data reassembles the android (named B-4) while Picard is ordered by Captain Janeway, (played by Kate Mulgrew from Star Trek: Voyager) to go to Romulus to meet their mysterious new leader. He’s revealed to be Shinzon (Tom Hardy) a younger clone version of Picard. He kidnaps Picard with the help of B-4 and Data comes to his rescue by impersonating his identical android brother. We learn that Shinzon is dying from his accelerated cloning and needs Picard alive in order to survive. There’s a big space battle between their ships and Picard beams back to stop Shinzon once and for all. They fight and Shinzon is killed. Since Picard is unable to return to the ship, Data comes to his rescue and sacrifices himself to save his Captain. As the crew mourns Data’s death, Picard sees signs of Data’s old self in B-4’s programming, so if there is another sequel (highly unlikely since this was the lowest grossing of the entire series), they should have no trouble bringing Spiner back.

Baird packs in more battles and vehicle chases than most Trek movies combined. He also handles the characters nicely and balances the differences between Shinzon and Picard (and Data and B-4) quite well. Co-starring the Next Generation regulars Gates McFadden and LeVar Burton. Michelle (Escape from L.A.) Forbes and Ron Perlman, who is unrecognizable (Now that’s a feat!) also appear. Stewart’s X-Men director Bryan Singer also has a cameo.
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