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Alfred:  “Can I persuade you to take a sandwich sir?”  

Batman:  “I’ll get drive thru!”    

Ah, yes Joel Schumacher was in control of this baby alright.  Warner Brothers worried about alienating kiddies from the sights of fish gut eating Penguins and sexually primal Catwomen so they hired Schumacher to make a more family friendly Batman movie.  The lighter tone really isn’t the real problem of the movie.  The real problem is that the villains pretty much suck.  In the comics, Two Face was a great character.  Half of his face was scarred by acid and he was constantly at odds with his Jekyll and Hyde persona, so much so that he had to flip a coin in order to determine his enemy’s fate.  As portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones, he’s more of an embarrassing third rate Joker knock off.  (And since Billy Dee Williams played his alter ego, Harvey Dent in the first movie, he should have been played by his Lando-ness.)  And Jim Carrey plays The Riddler as well… Jim Carrey.  (Memo to Jim:  the word “joygasm” should never be uttered in a Batman movie.)  Val Kilmer fills in for Michael Keaton and does a good job in Bruce Wayne’s shoes, but his lips are way too big to be Batman.  The actor who comes off best is Chris O’Donnell as Robin.  As disjointed as the rest of the movie is, Schumacher handles the Robin origin story extremely well and O’Donnell brings the right amount of cockiness and naiveté to the role.  

The height of the nonsense comes when a gangster throws acid in Jones’ face in a courtroom and Batman is clearly seen jumping out of the juror’s box to try to save him.  Did I miss something?  Do superheroes have to serve on jury duty?  I can imagine Batman sitting alone in the Batcave sorting through his mail:  Bills, bills, death threat from The Riddler, more bills… summons for jury duty?!?  Despite the movie’s lapses, it moves along at a good clip and is never boring.  

Co-starring Nicole Kidman, Michael Gough (who also was in Top Secret with Kilmer), Pat Hingle, Ed Begley, Jr., Rene Auberjonois, and Drew Barrymore and Debi Mazar as Two Face’s arm candy Sugar and Spice.  Schumacher directed the much hated sequel, Batman and Robin next.

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