The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

STIGMA (1972) ***

Miami Vice’s Phillip Michael Thomas (!) made his debut in this film by the director of I Drink Your Blood (!!) as a doctor in a small prejudiced town fighting an outbreak of VD (!!!) The sheriff is masterminding a cover-up that leaves the syphilis ridden town drunk dead. In the end, it turns out the sheriff’s daughter is the one fucking everybody (at nightly orgies at the lighthouse) to get back at her father, who gave it to her hereditarily. Her speech at the end will make your skin crawl. With a nutty whorehouse scene, a passionate syphilis awareness speech and a grotesque VD filmstrip complete with graphic photos. It takes it’s time getting going, but once the VD starts flying around it gets fucking nuts. Thomas is actually very good and believable, but it would take him years to find any success as an actor.
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