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STREET TRASH (1987) ***

This gross out gore comedy should be seen at lease once in your lifetime, if only for the incredible special effects. The homeless denizens of New York thrive on cheap thrills and cheaper booze. When a batch of nuclear hooch named Tenefly Viper goes on sale, its hapless consumers melt when they drink it. One guy melts on a toilet, one fat dude blows up and a chick’s boobs gush out strange liquid. There hasn’t been this much melted glop in a movie since The Incredible Melting Man!

Though the vignettes that hold the FX scenes together are wildly uneven, they’re worth sitting through to get to the “good stuff”. The best has the amazing James (Frankenhooker) Lorinz making his screen debut as a wiseguy doorman to the Mob. Make sure you watch his scene through the end credits. It may get kinda slow in spots, but any movie that has a game of monkey in the middle being played with a severed penis is okay by me.

Pat (The Toxic Avenger) Ryan also shows up as the overweight necrophiliac owner of a junkyard. Jennifer Aspinall did the extreme gore and melting effects and went on to become the head effects woman for Saturday Night Live. It was written and produced by Roy Frumkes, who also did the Dawn of the Dead documentary, Document of the Dead. Director Jim Muro was also responsible for the excellent steady-cam work and later was the steady-cam operator on Terminator 2.
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