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Didja ever watch The War of the Roses and wish that Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas were serial killers? If so, you might get a kick out of Suburban Nightmare.

Basically what we got is a once happily married serial killing couple (played by Tromeo and Juliet’s Trent Haaga and Hallow’s End’s Brandy Little) whose marriage is slowly coming to an end. Over the course of an evening we witness their marriage unravel and see them go from trying to murder their victims to trying to kill each other. (I guess it’s better than wasting all that money on couple’s counseling or a divorce lawyer.)

In the wrong hands, this amusing premise could have easily become an obvious and goofy comedy, but director Jon (American Nightmare) Keeyes walks the thin line between black comedy and domestic drama perfectly. Haaga and Little are both terrific and play everything with a straight face (they argue about murder the way normal couples would argue about doing the dishes) and their performances alone make this flick worth a look. While the film at times suffers from being a little more than just a two character play, Keeyes keeps things moving at a brisk pace and while it’s a little light on the gore, it’s a solidly entertaining film nonetheless.
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