The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

STROKER ACE (1983) ***

Yet another good ol’ boy n’ fast cars Burt Reynolds flick directed by Hal Needham. This time Burt is a stock car driver who races for a weasly fried chicken magnate played by Ned Beatty. He humiliates Burt by making him wear a giant chicken suit. Burt’s real life ex-wife Loni Anderson plays the bimbo love interest, and Jim (Goober) Nabors play his mechanic and best friend. This Reynolds vehicle (no pun intended) is more pedestrian than most, but it’s still fun because after all, it is an 80’s Burt flick. With the requisite Needham bloopers/outtake reel closing credits, complete with a surprise appearance by Jerry Reed. Featuring a cameo by Elvira.
Tags: burt reynolds, comedy, s
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