The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

SUPERFLY (1972) ** ½

Ron O'Neal stars in this box-office hit as Priest, a streetwise drug dealer who wants to get out of the game. The Mob, dirty cops and his crooked partners have other ideas. O'Neal is excellent. He's smooth, tough and cool. The movie is earnest, but it's also kinda slow and talky and there's a complete non-ending. It still made a lot of money and remains a popular cult item. Co-starring Julius (Live and Let Die) Harris and Charles (Blazing Saddles) McGregor and featuring an excellent score by Curtis Mayfield. Director Gordon Parks, Jr. is the son of the director of Shaft and photographed the still frame montage. Followed by the O'Neal directed Superfly T.N.T and the O'Neal-less The Return of Superfly.
Tags: action, blaxploitation, s
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