The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

BLOOD TIDE (1982) *

Photographer Martin (The Karate Kid) Kove and his new bride go to a backwards Greek island to find his nutzo sister (Deborah Shelton from Body Double) who’s living it up as one of James Earl Jones’ playthings. Little do they realize that the local yokel witch doctor played by Jose (The Being) Ferrer is busy sacrificing virgins to a slimy prehistoric sea monster.

Jones gives a rather embarrassing performance as the Shakespeare spouting drunkard, but at least he’s the only thing memorable about an otherwise forgettable shitfest. If you start to get bored (and believe me it will happen sooner than later), try to imagine it’s Darth Vader saying Jones’ inane dialogue. The scenes where the monster stalks it’s nubile prey are ripped off wholesale from Jaws and the briefly seen sea monster looks exactly like the T. Rex in Jurassic Park, except that it’s totally unconvincing and fake looking. A game of extreme ring around the rosie is the only unintentionally funny thing this turd has to offer. Director Richard Jefferies later went on to write such cinematic abominations as Man of the House and Cold Creek Manor.

AKA: Demon Island.
Tags: b, horror
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