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SUSAN’S PLAN (1998) *

Oh how the mighty have fallen! John Landis directed this god-awful comedy the same year as Blues Brothers 2000, but it wound up going straight to video two years later.

It’s basically an unfunny, incomprehensible mind-boggling mess. Natassia Kinski and Billy Zane hire bumbling hitmen (Michael Biehn and a goateed Rob Schneider) to bump off Adrian (Highlander: Endgame) Paul for the insurance money. They screw it up so Dan Aykroyd (who must be doing his friend Landis a big favor) is brought in to finish the job. Laura Flynn Boyle is just there to fuck everybody. She and Kinski have brief nude scenes that are the only saving grace in this piece of crap.

This film is a mess! Characters (mostly Boyle) have irritating dreams and nightmares within nightmares (even one with zombies?!?!) that take up about half the film’s running time. The thing ends in a bloody shootout that’s topped off with crying Oriental children and the sound of helicopter blades in the background! (Remember Landis and the Twilight Zone?) It’s hard to believe the same guy made such classics as Animal House, The Blues Brothers and An American Werewolf in London. Co-starring Thomas Hayden Church, Lisa Edelstein and Bill Duke.

AKA: Dying to Get Rich.
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