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H.G. Lewis directed this vampire flick, but didn’t bother to put in any of his trademark gore. All we get is a couple bites and some stakes through the heart. It’s also way too long (117 minutes, about 30 minutes longer than any H.G. Lewis has any right being). The amateur actors simply aren’t good enough to keep you interested, and aren’t bad enough to make you laugh in between the killings.

Bill Rogers plays John Stone who is a direct descendant from Dracula. When he drinks some of his family wine, he becomes a blue faced vampire. He gets revenge by murdering the descendants of the people responsible for killing Dracula by driving a wooden stake through their heart (a good idea, since it’s about time the vampires turned the tables on us pesky humans). He also kills a stripper just for the hell of it and hypnotizes people with an incredibly tacky ring. He’s eventually foiled by Dr. Helsing (Not Van).

Unfortunately, Stone’s acting is more wooden than the stakes. If you wanna see awful actors spout bad dialogue for two hours, go for it. The worst includes: “Vampires? Voodoo? It’s just a bunch of mumbo jumbo!” “The sun’s coming up! And I’m getting sleepy!” And Stone's response after he casts no reflection in the mirror is priceless. “It’s a bad piece of glass!” With Thomas Wood, who was also in Lewis’ classics, Blood Feast and 2000 Maniacs.
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