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There’s a killer on the loose in the small town of Huntington, West Virginia strangling teenage girls. Jimmy (John Ensign) a member of the local teenage gang “The Fastbacks” is the main suspect because of his leather jacket. His best gal Betty (Jo Canterbury) and his annoying brother Mikey (John Humphries) try to clear his name. In the end it turns out to be the spiteful janitor (who despite the title is NOT a teenager) who’s killing the girls. The best scene takes place in a diner when Canterbury jumps up on the counter and announces a new rock band, The Huntington Astronauts and says, “Fellow citizens and lovers of good music! For those of you that pledge allegiance to Peter, Paul and Mary, The Beatles, The Teen Queens, Paul Anka and not to mention The Chad Mitchell Trio…” They sing a thoroughly awful song called “Yipe Stripes” that will have you rolling with laughter. Even funnier though is the horrendous overacting of Humphries (“He didn’t steal no bike neither!”).

AKA: Terror in the Night.
Tags: horror, mst3k, t
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