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This is a pretty entertaining piece of 50’s sci-fi junk. The oldest group of teenagers you’ve ever seen (Teens may be older on other planets so who knows?) come to Earth to breed Gargans (AKA: GIANT LOBSTERS!). Sensitive teen Derek (David Love) rebels after seeing one of the teens blast a doggie with his ray gun which turns the poor pooch into a pile of bones. Derek runs away (“You’ll be sentenced to TORTURE!”) and goes to a nearby town where he rents a room from Gramps (nine fingered character actor and Ed Wood regular Harvey B. Dunn) and falls in love with his mousy daughter. Meanwhile the evil teens are looking for Derek and leave a trail of skeletons in their wake. They also learn that Derek is the son of their leader and order the Gargon to attack the town. Derek saves the day by killing the Gargon with a homemade death ray and by tricking the invading fleet into crashing and burning (the miniscule budget is saved by showing it offscreen). While it ain’t exactly thought provoking science fiction, seeing humans being turned into skeletons while a giant lobster attacks is good for a few chuckles. The lisping, feminine Love isn’t much of an actor (or a teenager), but it’s always fun to see Dunn in a supporting role.
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