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The ads promised us, “Witness the birth of fear” and the movie delivers (no pun intended) with the opening nauseating scene where Leatherface’s mama births him on a slaughterhouse floor in fine slimy detail.

While nothing else in the movie is as cool or creepy, it does offer a fair amount of blood and gore and manages to be marginally better than the remake.

This prequel starts off four years before the events in the remake with a quartet of youngsters on a road trip on a last fling before two brothers get carted off to Nam. Of course they run afoul of Leatherface’s demented family and end up as human pate. The Dawson’s Creek level teen drama (Will the young idealistic guy burn his draft card?) is thankfully interrupted and replaced by some pretty decent chainsaw deaths.

While this film falls into some of the same pitfalls its predecessor did, namely lackluster recreations of scenes from the original 1974 classic (like the final family dinner), it has moments of pure fun (like Leatherface’s first use of a chainsaw) and some of the family’s origins (like when Leatherface first dons his trademark flesh mask or how R. Lee Ermey became sheriff or when Uncle Monty loses his legs) are priceless. But for every moment of blood soaked glee, director Jonathan Liebesman lets the pace slacken up (the biker subplot is especially gratuitous) resulting in a choppy, uneven final product.

At least they bring back John Larroquette as the narrator again.

Co-scripter David J. Schow also wrote the awful Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3.
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