The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

THIRTEEN DAYS (2000) ** ½

No Way Out director Roger Donaldson teams up again with star Kevin Costner for this well meaning but overlong film about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Bruce Greenwood and Stephen Culp are both excellent as John and Robert Kennedy respectively. They steal the movie from Costner, whose overbaked Bah-stahn accent is annoying. At least he maintains it throughout the film unlike Robin Hood’s come and go British accent. The film starts out great, showing behind the scenes at the White House before and during the Crisis, and the emotional turmoil felt by the Kennedys as they fought against a vastly indifferent war department to settle the Crisis. Though the film runs out of steam at the two thirds mark, it’s still highly recommended for history buffs and Costner fans. The Costner-Kennedy connection makes it a great double feature with JFK.
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