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If you ever wondered where Quentin Tarantino got the inspiration for the Daryl Hannah character in the Kill Bill movies, this is it.

Christina (Sex and Fury) Lindberg plays a young mute woman who is picked up by a stranger who drugs her, gets her addicted to heroin and forces her into a life of prostitution. When she claws her first customer’s face, he retaliates by slicing her eye open with a scalpel. She dons an eye patch (A different color to match her different outfits. This girl knows how to accessorize!) and slowly grows accustomed to her perverted customers. Luckily for her she gets one day off a week (!) which she uses to learn kung fu, take stunt driving lessons and proper firearm safety which she’ll later use for her elaborate slow motion revenge scheme.

This definitely isn’t one for the squeamish. The eye slicing scene is shown in glorious detail (an actual corpse was used!) and some of the sex scenes feature hardcore XXX penetration.

While the set-up has all the makings for the ultimate revenge film, the film loses its way during the final act once Lindberg actually starts to take her revenge. Director Bo A. Vibenius’ over reliance on slow motion pointlessly draws the film out and slows it down to a crawl when it should really be turning up the heat. (It makes a Peckinpah movie look like a hyper-edited MTV video.)

Still Lindberg’s performance and a generous helping of sleazy exploitation sex and violence still makes this one highly recommended.

AKA: They Call Her One Eye. AKA: Hooker’s Revenge. AKA: Thriller.
Tags: exploitation, horror, t, xxx
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