The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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THE BEAST MUST DIE (1974) ** ½

Amicus produced this clever meshing of two durable genres:  The Agatha Christie murder mystery and the werewolf movie.  It also features a great gimmick in which there’s a “Werewolf Break” near the end of the film where the movie stops for 30 seconds, giving the audience time to guess who the werewolf is.  Calvin Lockhart stars as a wealthy businessman/hunter who now wants to hunt the ultimate game:  A werewolf!  He invites eight guests (including Peter Cushing, Charles Gray and Michael Gambon) all suspected of being a werewolf to his fortified mansion for a weekend house party.  He watches them all on an elaborate surveillance system until the moon rises and the murdering starts.  Lockhart puts on a black leather get-up, pulls out his submachine gun and goes a hunting.  Lockhart is excellent and it’s pretty progressive of a 70’s film, not only to cast a black actor as a wealthy businessman, but also not even to make a big deal of his race.  Unfortunately director Paul Annett lets the pacing drag more often than not, preventing the movie from really building up steam.  “Do YOU know who the werewolf is?”  

AKA:  Black Werewolf.

Tags: b, horror, werewolf

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