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When an unhappy housewife and her slutty friend visit an Old West theme park, they go through a mirror (the “timegate” of the title) and go into the REAL Old West (“This is like some Alice in the Looking Glass nightmare!”) and become property of a madam, Miss Marie, played by B-Movie Queen Michelle Bauer. (“It’s prostitution!” “I know, don’t you just love it?”) They meet the Olden Day versions of their hubbies and get it on with them. When the slutty chick gets framed for murder, she seduces her hubby/sheriff and escapes to clear her name. The other soft core scenes involve a modern day tryst with a bellboy and a threeway between two prostitutes and the sheriff.

Whenever things get slow, director Sam Silver throws in gratuitous sex scenes between an Indian squaw (Who knew silicone was so big on the reservation?) and a cowpoke (one in a covered wagon, the other in a teepee) while a Chinese (?!?) theme plays (There’s also a suggestive shot of the wagon hitch going in and out and the sound of a gunshot when he climaxes!), which pads the running time to a scant 79 minutes. The Old West setting and minor Sci-Fi slant is the only thing that really separates this from the myriad other softcore flicks from the late 90’s. Irwin (House of 1000 Corpses) Keyes turns up in a small role.
Tags: sci-fi, skinamax, t, western
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