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Who woulda thought that we’d ever see a Paul Naschy werewolf movie directed by Fred Olen (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers) Ray!?! For those unfamiliar with Naschy, he starred in twelve features from 1968 to 1996 as Waldemar Daninsky, a Spanish nobleman turned werewolf. In this sequel, Waldemar’s castle is inherited by Ray regular Jay Richardson. He brings a TV crew from “Current Mysteries” to investigate the history of the house. The ever beautiful Michelle Bauer is the servant (who is actually Elizabeth Bathory!) who hypnotizes Richardson into reviving the long dead Waldemar. A psychic who turns out to be the reincarnated true love of Waldemar saves the day. The werewolf make-up looks exactly like it did in the 70’s (a plus), but this new version has bad morphing effects, irritating POV shots and softcore sex. Bauer looks great while sacrificing virgins, bathing in blood and in her lesbian scenes. It’s good to have Naschy back in werewolf make-up again, but if they do more sequels, I hope he gets more screen time. Co-starring porn star Evan Stone, and featuring a scene from The Mad Monster.
Tags: fred olen ray, horror, sequel, t, werewolf
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