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Christopher Lee plays a murdering torturing sicko named Count Regula who in the opening scene gets to wear a mask not unlike the one Barbara Steele wore in Black Sunday before getting publicly executed (he’s drawn and quartered) in the town square. Thirty five years later a quartet of strangers takes a loooong coach ride to Regula’s castle where Regula returns to life and uses trap doors, spikes, snakes, and a pit and the pendulum set-up to torture them. This boring flick rips off not only Black Sunday, but also Roger Corman’s Poe movies. Lee is great as always, but the film suffers whenever he isn’t on screen (he’s only in the first five minutes and the last twenty). The twelve virgins Lee has chained in his dungeon are hot as is co-star Karin (You Only Live Twice) Dor.

AKA: Castle of the Walking Dead. AKA: Pendulum. AKA: The Blood Demon. AKA: The Snake Pit. AKA: The Snake Pit and the Pendulum. AKA: The Torture Room.
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